Blinding Flash of the Obvious #3

The Highest Goal of Biblical Womanhood Is the Exaltation of God's Word

In Bible study this morning, I read Titus 2. Familiarly, I am instructed to be sober, love my husband, love my children, be discreet, be chaste, be a keeper at home, be good, and be obedient to my own husband, all for this purpose: that the Word of God be not blasphemed.

So many times, I focus on the details of what I'm supposed to do or not supposed to do, and overlook the motivation or what is at stake if I choose not to align myself with God's directive. Here are the consequences that every born-again woman holds in her hands at the beginning of each new day: the Word of God is either honored or vilified.

The great reward—and high cost—is all dependent on how I, as a woman, conduct myself in order with God's design. It's not about pecking orders or hierarchies or first and second or greater and lesser. It's about holding fast to the Word of God and honoring that Word above all.